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October 17th Fishing Report

This is what you've been waiting for

This is what you’ve been waiting for

We’ve had a couple of days of cold damp gray weather around here… perfect for fall fishing on the Missouri. I’ve been shop-bound all week, save for a couple of hours harassing the Sterling Channel fish on Tuesday, but fortunately I’ve been able to live vicariously through the reports of our guests, most of whom have been enjoying some truly outstanding days on the water.
The fish are up throughout the afternoon and depending on where you are fishing, there have been some obscenely large pods happily feasting on midges and psuedos and the still somewhat occasional baetis. You can match the hatch if you wish but you can also avoid the frustration of tying on and keeping sight of size 22′s and opt instead to throw an easy to see #16 Parachute Adams. It may take some work and some patience but they will eventually eat it….we love it when the fish cooperate with this program!
If for some reason the sight of fish crushing a dry doesn’t excite you, not to worry – it’s also streamer season on the MO. We’ve been selling a lot of big ugly streamers as of late and while I’ve yet to hear of any “off the charts” streamer days the action is consistent enough to certainly make it worth your while. The black and olive bugger variations are still getting it done but we appreciate the fact that the hard core streamer fanatics tend to prefer bigger, flashier bugs and we’ve got all kinds of options to suit all preferences. Since arriving in Montana my days of chucking big uglies have been few and far between as the Missouri offers so many other options which I’ve come to appreciate and pursue. That being said, I plan to spend at least one day next week devoted entirely to streamer fishing and I can’t wait!

If nymphing is your game you can expect “off the charts” action daily and we’ve got all the bugs you need to make it happen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - this is a truly phenomenal time to be here and in addition to crazy good fishing we’ve got all kinds of end-of-season deals going on including $399 full day guide trips. Lodging will be available through mid November – weather dependent – and we plan to keep the shop open through the end of November. We will run guide trips ANYTIME – year round. If you can handle the weather we will fish it! Give us a call to book rooms or boats or fishing and stop by the shop for everything  you need for success on the Missouri River.

In other news - the Federal Government is apparently back in business so the dam launch is officially open as are the parks. Sunny skies and 50′s are on tap for the next few days so get out and enjoy fall in Montana.


~ Jason O.

Fall in Wolf Creek Montana

Fall in Wolf Creek Montana

Making memories

Geraldine After School Program

The fishing on the Missouri has picked up this last week.  The report from our guides that were on the river yesterday came back positive with lots of hook ups and fish ending up in the boat.  Nymphing is still the most productive, #18-20 black zebra midges, hogan’s military may olive, WD-40 olive for starters.  Some dries to try, small parachutes, purple haze, and black or olive psuedos.

Fall might be slowly making its way to the canyon, but the weather is still perfect for taking a leisurely float down the Missouri.  The kids in the above picture are from Geraldine in the After School Program.  They are doing an overnight float/fish trip this weekend and  watching them take off this morning made me wish that I was doing the same.  High 70s to low-mid 80s, clear blue skies, a boat full of friends, sounds like a great time.  It was also great to hear the kids talk about fly-fishing, hearing the excitement/passion brought me back to when I first learned and how excited I was anytime I saw the water.  Hopefully, they have a great time and make some great memories.  Also, good luck to the chaperones they definitely had their hands full.

We still have rafts available for rent so give us a call or stop by and enjoy the Missouri one last time before those temperatures drop.



Clear skies and new flies

Clear skies with temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s and calm winds.  It is smokey here in the canyon. Fishing has picked up the last couple weeks here on the Mo, the nymphing has been the most productive with action on top being decent throughout the day.  The last couple of weeks I have been getting out to the dam during the evenings.  I caught some using Pseudos, caddis emergers and a caddis sparkle pupa.  I would also throw small parachute adams and small purple haze.  Also, I have been hearing some good reports on the streamer action, mainly on those overcast days, but catching some nice fish.

Landed Rainbow from last week by the dam

We also got in some new patterns in this week, all nymphs and all great.  These patterns include; Little green machine, blooms weight fly (purple and rainbow), Hogan’s military mays (various), Hogan’s redheaded stepchild, Hogans Indigo child, and a Conehead JJ Special streamer.  These new flies would look great in a new Montana Fly Company fly box, your choice of rainbow or brown trout design which we have available here at the shop.

Some of the new patterns here at the shop

Montana Fly Company Fly Box

Shop is open from 7:30am-6:00pm so swing on up to Wolf Creek.