Dry Flies

X-Caddis size 14-18, tan or cinnamon body

Elk Hair Caddis size 8, 14-18, tan or olive body, orange for the 8 to imitate a october caddis

CDC Caddis size 16-18, tan body dark dun cdc wing, or, dun body w/ dark dun cdc wing.

cdc caddis emerger

cdc caddis emerger








PMD Thorax size 16-18

Parachute PMD size 16-18

PMD Spinner size 16-18

Rusty Spinner size 16-18

Cripple PMD size 16-18

PMD Emerger size 16-18

BWO Thorax size 16-20

Parachute BWO 16-20

BWO CDC Emerger size 16-20

Olive RS2 16-20

Moorish Hopper 8-12 brown or pink body

Moorish Hopper

Moorish Hopper








BLT Hopper 8-12 brown or pink body

Ants 14-18

Beetles 10-12

Parachute Adams 12-20


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