Look, but don’t touch

Greetings from Wolf Creek!! I took a drive the other day to scope out some small streams in the area for later on this summer. NOTICE: general fishing season doesn’t open until May 19th!! So although some of these streams are looking primo already, fight the urge to wet a line as the streams are closed to protect our future fish generations…..and it’s illegal.

Until then come visit us on the Missouri, which if fishing great. Bwo’s, March Browns are still here. Caddis are well on the way, though not river-wide yet. With the exception of streamers, there’s not a whole lot that isn’t working right now…….provided your drift is good. Flows dropped again, sitting just over 5,000cfs. How long will it last? Don’t wait to find out!! We have lodging available and will be opening the motel in a few days for even more options. The wind has laid down and the weather is gorgeous. Stop in and check out the sale on TFO and Redington rods, flies, tools…..10 – 35% off!!!!!

Tight Lines! Brian

not yet.....

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