Kayaks! We have Kayaks!

iphone pictures 047It’s that time of year, get out there. Come on in and see us for your recreational kayak needs. Rentals and Sales of Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger and Native Kayaks.
Just a quick rundown of what we have available!
Dagger Kayaks
Torrent 10 Blue
Zydeco 9 & 11 Blue, Red, Red/Yellow
Approach 10 Red/Yellow
Axis 10.5 Blue
Conduit 9.5 & 12 Red, Yellow, Blue, Camo, Blue/White, Lime White
Conduit 14 Tandem Red, Red/Yellow

Impulse 100 Red, Yellow, Red/Yellow

Tribute 120 Red, Lime

Wilderness System
Aspire 105 Orange/Yellow
Commander 120 Sand
Pamlico 100 Yellow
Pamlico 145 Tandem Red

Pungo 100 Orange/Red
Pungo 120 Red, Yellow, Blue

Ride 115 Orange/Yellow
Ride 135 Camo

Tarpon Sit On Top 100 Red
Tarpon Sit On Top 120 Sand

Tsunami 120 Yellow, Orange/Yellow, Red
Tsunami 125 Yellow, Orange, Red
Tsunami 140 Blue
Tsunami 145 Yellow
NRS Outlaw II Inflatable Kayak
NRs Pike
P.S. The model is my Grandson, who should be coming to spend a few weeks of summer with us!

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