Fall Adventures

Greetings from Montana!

Fall is certainly in the air.  Our floating season is winding down, (though we should all keep an eye on the Smith River flows, 200 cfs is a go) and hunting season is upon us.  Craig has been dutifully attempting to get out bow hunting, our teaching staff is back at it and Tim is anxiously awaiting the general big game opener.  Bring on the ELK!  We are starting to get our outfitting gear situated and ready for our fall/winter sales.  We are selling our 2014 NRS Outlaw 14′ raftsOutlaw 14 and frames as well as many Maxxon, Aire and Sotar rafts to make room for the 2015′s, don’t hesitate to call if you need any equipment 800-800-8218.  One of our new gadgets for sale and rent are our Rokon Trail Blazers.  We are renting the bikes by the day or week, please give a call for information.102_0614  The Rokon’s are a 2 wheel drive motor cycle that doubles as a pack mule!  Have a wonderful fall season and get out there!


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