Back Again. Because I couldn’t get enough the first time.

Sunset on the Mo.


So excited to be coming back to Montana River Outfitters for a second summer!  I’m looking forward to seeing and fishing with friends made last year and making some new friends too.  I can’t wait to catch up with those MRO customers I befriended as well as meeting first time MRO customers.  I’ve also been jonesing for a Blackfoot Brewing Company OPA over at Izaak’s too.  Oh yeah and the fishing!  Cannot wait to get back at it!  I’ve been dreaming of the caddis hoards on the Mo all winter, and missing the little yellow sallys on Little Prickly.  I’ve been getting my fishing fix here at home on the best trout stream west of the rockies 2-3 days a week in between my mechanic gig and a full schedule at the local college.

This summer should be a good one!  With an average snow pack in the mountains, it’s looking like you can leave the box of worms and hot-beaded whatevers at home and just bring the boxes that contain the bugs that float this year.

For those customers coming back to MRO you might notice a little change in the shop.  Some new flooring was added late last fall and new fly selections will be added to the bins.        You will also see some new retail stuff in the shop.  What you won’t see is 23,000cfs written on the dry erase board, cause that ain’t going to happen!

I only have 1 month, 21 days,10 hours, 23 minutes and 48 seconds until I arrive (not like I’m counting or anything).  I am that excited!

See you in Wolf Creek June 1st!—Matt




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