Smith River Permits are out!!!!!!!!!!

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Smith River Permits are out!
Did the lottery go in your favor?
I love this time of year, spring is in the air (intermittently) and we start to talk about the Smith on a daily basis! Need rafts, (NRS, Rocky Mountain Rafts, Aire and Sotar) Canoes (Mad River), Kayaks (Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayaks) tents (Eureka), cots/chairs (Camptime/Roll-a-Cot products), heck even forks knives and spoons, We have it all! Give us a call or email whether you need equipment or information we look forward to being part of your Smith River fishing/floating/camping trip!


Smith River Permit appilication deadline is fast approaching, February 19th!!!

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The deadline to apply for you Smith River permits is fast approaching!  You must submit your applications by February 19th!

Montana River Outfitters prides itself on being a Smith River Pro, please drop us a line, email or call with any questions!

Smith River Rentals
MRO offers rentals of rafts, canoes, kayaks, inflatable kayaks and canoes, personal pontoon boats, stand up paddle boards and drift boats. While we do rent all the above boats, we have found that due to carrying capacity and versatility , most Smith River floaters choose to use rafts. MRO uses only high quality boats that are late models, tough and in excellent condition. Our rafts are self bailing rafts that are new to one year old. Raft brands rented are NRS, AIRE, Rocky Mountain Raft, SOTAR, and Maxxon.
Our frame package includes the highest quality adjustable NRS aluminum frames, designed by our 37 years of experience renting and using boats on the Smith. Included in our frame package are front seat, oars, straps, cargo deck, cargo net, manual air pump, life jackets and repair kit.
Options to our standard frame package include: front and rear swivel seats, anchor frames and anchors, dry boxes, and coolers.
For prices and a complete list of our rental boats and accessories, please see our rentals below.
A full line of accessories are available to rent including: tents, folding tables, camp stools and chairs, cots, dry bags, screen house, Kelty tarp with poles, stoves, coolers, dry boxes, and more. For a complete list see our rental list below.
If you prefer to pick up and deliver your own rafts inflated we can provide you with a trailer, with your rafts inflated strapped down and ready to go, for $25 per day.
Deluxe Rentals
Deluxe rentals are for those who choose to do their own trip, but want the convenience and time savings of having MRO provide not only boats, but also ice chests filled with delicious fresh foods, and perhaps even all the cooking and camping gear. From boats to food to shuttles to drop off / pick up of people and gear, MRO is the choice for the most convenient and experienced Smith River rental company.

Shuttles and Delivery
Smith River shuttles for vehicles from put in to take out are $120 per vehicle.
Drop off of boats and gear at the put in is $225 and pick up at take out is $100. If we do both drop off and pick up it is $295 for up to 2 boats and an additional $50 per boat up for up to 4 total boats. When MRO delivers rafts they are inflated and river ready at the put in. All you will need to do is load your boat and head down the river.
Van shuttles for up to 8 people and gear from Great Falls to the put-in and from the take out back to Great Falls is $439.

Fall Adventures

Greetings from Montana!

Fall is certainly in the air.  Our floating season is winding down, (though we should all keep an eye on the Smith River flows, 200 cfs is a go) and hunting season is upon us.  Craig has been dutifully attempting to get out bow hunting, our teaching staff is back at it and Tim is anxiously awaiting the general big game opener.  Bring on the ELK!  We are starting to get our outfitting gear situated and ready for our fall/winter sales.  We are selling our 2014 NRS Outlaw 14′ raftsOutlaw 14 and frames as well as many Maxxon, Aire and Sotar rafts to make room for the 2015′s, don’t hesitate to call if you need any equipment 800-800-8218.  One of our new gadgets for sale and rent are our Rokon Trail Blazers.  We are renting the bikes by the day or week, please give a call for information.102_0614  The Rokon’s are a 2 wheel drive motor cycle that doubles as a pack mule!  Have a wonderful fall season and get out there!


Kayaks! We have Kayaks!

iphone pictures 047It’s that time of year, get out there. Come on in and see us for your recreational kayak needs. Rentals and Sales of Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger and Native Kayaks.
Just a quick rundown of what we have available!
Dagger Kayaks
Torrent 10 Blue
Zydeco 9 & 11 Blue, Red, Red/Yellow
Approach 10 Red/Yellow
Axis 10.5 Blue
Conduit 9.5 & 12 Red, Yellow, Blue, Camo, Blue/White, Lime White
Conduit 14 Tandem Red, Red/Yellow

Impulse 100 Red, Yellow, Red/Yellow

Tribute 120 Red, Lime

Wilderness System
Aspire 105 Orange/Yellow
Commander 120 Sand
Pamlico 100 Yellow
Pamlico 145 Tandem Red

Pungo 100 Orange/Red
Pungo 120 Red, Yellow, Blue

Ride 115 Orange/Yellow
Ride 135 Camo

Tarpon Sit On Top 100 Red
Tarpon Sit On Top 120 Sand

Tsunami 120 Yellow, Orange/Yellow, Red
Tsunami 125 Yellow, Orange, Red
Tsunami 140 Blue
Tsunami 145 Yellow
NRS Outlaw II Inflatable Kayak
NRs Pike
P.S. The model is my Grandson, who should be coming to spend a few weeks of summer with us!

Splash and giggle!

The mighty Blackfoot River.  This past memorial day Mary, Jay and I and our respective family and friends headed out over the rocks and spent an amusing few hours on the Blackfoot River.  The river was flowing 10,500 cfs (for perspective the Missouri was flowing 9,200 cfs) what a kick in the pants!  We floated from Russel Gates to River Bend in about 2.5 hours (17 mile float) lots of wave trains and rollers, just a great day to be on the water.  Give us a call or send an email, we still have rafts available for summer/water fun!

800/800/8218 or tim.mro@montana.comDSCF1351 DSCF1358 DSCF1361

Creeks are open, waters are rising and things are busy enough to wonder where you are at! Where am I?

Waterfall 2014Greetings from Montana!  This weekend brought a moment of pause to yours truly, and a remembrance on the age old lesson of slowing down long enough to smell the roses or in my case the trees.  I ran up to Camp Baker on the Smith River to launch some boats and had the great treat to have my bride come along.  What a treat, not only to be out in one of my favorite places in Montana but to have the best traveling partner I could imagine.  We went up to Baker on the Milligan route, plenty of mud, a bit of rain and lush green grass.  We saw no elk on this run, but a beautiful drive none the less.  We dropped off the rafts and headed back, on a whim we stopped at this waterfall.  Can you name it, free hat to the first that can.  I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial weekend, do something fun, work will be there next week!camp baker 2014


Whats “Sup?” Stand Up Paddleboards

Craig paddle board

Our new NRS Stand Up Paddle-boards are in.  SUP’s have been gaining popularity for the last few years for both recreation and exercise, we have brought the latest inflatables from NRS in for both sale and rent.  $40 per day includes board, pump and life-jacket.  New  boards range from $795 to 1395.  One of the most offten asked questions on  inflatable rulls, “how rigid are they?”  We had the same question, and our answer is, “pretty darn stiff.”  The board in the picture below is NRS’s Valencia that is designed for gals and the board had less that 3.5″ of deflection, even with our svelte model!  Give us a call to set up a demo.