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Kayak Specials

We have plenty of different kayaks for you to choose from, from 9′ to 14.5′ length. Kayaks for moving water, lakes, and some specialized for fishing. Sit-ins, sit-on-tops, hybrids, crossover, and inflatable kayaks. Prices from at $386. Plus we have paddles, life jackets, and all the accessories you will need for a day trip or a multi-day adventure. Come on in for a test drive today.

Smith River Adventures

Thinking of floating the Smith River this year? We have developed the ideal raft/frame setup for both families… Read More

White Cliff’s Specials

Full course meals, tents you can stand in, padded cots, tables and chairs for dinner… Sound appealing? Join Montana River Outfitters for the crem de la crem of river trips. Retrace the path of Lewis and Clark along the Wild and Scenic Missouri! Offering luxurious fully guided trips, partially… Read More

Used Raft, Kayaks & Paddle Board Deals

Rafts from $448: Maxxon 14′ 1095 and $1495, 16′ Sotar $3500, 11′ Inflatable paddle board, $299, NRS Baron 6 Paddle Board $895, Kayaks from $369. Come by or give us a call to see what we currently have available.

Belize Adventure 2017

Come join us for a Montana River Outfitters hosted Belize Adventure in spring of 2017. This is a multi-sport adventure offering opportunities for fly fishing, hand line fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, cave exploration, cave tubing, paddle boarding, kayak sailing and more. Based on a small island off the coast of Belize. Truly a wonderful, tropical adventure for families, couples, or individuals… Read More